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Business and home broadband might be delivered using the same cables, but that’s where the similarities end. For a start, business broadband is much faster, often comes with more generous data limits, and customer service is typically available 24-hours a day – making it a wise choice if your business is online. But what other features should you look for and how do you compare business broadband – here’s what to consider.

Why do you need a business broadband package?

Home broadband packages might not meet your business demands. Even simple tasks such as sending emails, online research, web maintenance and updating your social media can put a huge strain on a service geared for domestic use.

Business broadband offers greater bandwidth and faster speeds which means your connection can deal with more data passing through it at greater speeds. In other words – the internet won’t grind to a halt if several people are online at the same time.

One of the big differences between home and business broadband is the level of customer service you get. While most internet providers want to deliver a great experience, helplines aren’t always open when you need them. With business broadband you can be confident that help is on hand 24/7 to ensure your business never stops working.

Business broadband deals can also offer you more security – vital if you’re running ecommerce or expect customers to part with sensitive information. Some business providers will include the cost of security within the deal but others may add it as an extra – so make sure you know exactly what your basic contract includes.

Unless you’re a tech wizard, you might not appreciate that some business broadband connections will also give you a static IP address. This means you’re capable of doing more online – like having your own server to host a website.

What types of business broadband are available?

Specific package features will vary according to provider, but in terms of how your business gets online – there are only two options: fibre optic broadband and ADSL.

Fibre optic broadband gives you the option of super-fast speeds but it’s only available to 95% of UK addresses. The fibre connection is delivered to your premises using plastic or glass cables rather than traditional copper ones. Some new builds already have fibre installed but if you need to upgrade then it can take time to organise.

Alternatively, ADSL stands for ‘asymmetric digital subscriber line’ – it’s a bit of a mouthful but all it means is that your broadband comes through your normal telephone line. ADSL gives you standard internet access and it’s available to around 99% of the country – so if your business is based somewhere remote this might well be the only option you have.

Fibre broadband is more expensive than an ADSL service, but if your business is internet reliant, then it’s worth the investment.

Should you bundle your business broadband and phone packages?

It’s up to you whether you want a combined internet and phone deal – but bundling the two can save you money as providers want your business and may offer discounts.

As with broadband – business phone packages offer features unavailable with standard home phone deals, such as multi-way calling, network management, and even capped call charges.

Combining the two also means you only have to deal with one supplier which can make life easier when it comes to paperwork, billing, and sorting out issues. It’s also a great way to keep track of all your business expenses.

How to compare business broadband deals

Before you start to compare business broadband prices and business phone deals, it’s worth jotting down the specific features your business needs as well as the things that are important to you – such static IP address, length of contract, or customer service reputation.

Being clear about what you actually need and what’s ‘nice to have’ means you’re less likely to be swayed into choosing a pricey package you don’t really need.

When it comes to finding a better deal, a lot depends on where you’re based as packages and speeds vary across the country. So, to find out what’s available where you are, just pop in your business postcode and let us search for you.

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