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No two days are ever the same in business and you never know what’s around the corner. Which is why having business insurance is a good idea because it can help cover the cost if something goes wrong. But navigating all the options and deciding what you need can be overwhelming – to help, here’s what you should consider.

Why do you need business insurance?

Business insurance covers lots of options and it can protect your company in all sorts of scenarios. Depending on the type of policy you take out, it can cover the cost of legal expenses, compensation, repairs to premises, and stock losses.

Employers liability insurance – this is the only insurance you may need by law. You’ll need it if you employ just one person (even if they’re part-time) in relation to your business. If you need employer’s liability but don’t have it, then you can be fined a staggering £2,500 every day you go without it.

Public liability – this is highly recommended if your business comes into contact with the public, it covers legal costs and compensation if someone makes a claim against you. It’s worth having even if you’re self-employed. For example – if you’re a builder that’s accidently bored a hole into the wrong place, then it can help cover the cost of repairs.

Professional indemnity – if you provide professional advice then this protects you against claims made based on the advice you’ve given. So, if you’re a financial advisor, or solicitor and a client has acted on your guidance but isn’t happy with the outcome, they could make a claim against you. Certain professional bodies will expect members to have appropriate levels of cover.

Product liability insurance – this is similar to professional liability but relates to products instead. If you’ve designed, manufactured, or supplied something that has caused damage or harm, then you could be sued – but product liability can help recoup those costs.

Commercial buildings and contents insurance – if you’ve got commercial property or have stock and equipment then this compensates you for damage or loss caused by an insured event – like flood, fire, or theft. You can usually buy these insurances separately so you only pay for what you need.

Personal accident – this covers accidental injury (and even death) in certain situations. Terms and conditions will vary according to the provider so it’s worth being clear on exactly what’s covered before you sign up.

Business interruption insurance – this covers the cost of lost revenue if your business has to temporarily stop trading (for example, if it was flooded or fire damaged).

Legal expenses – this covers the cost of legal fees.

Cyber insurance – if you store information then this covers you in the event of your systems being hacked.

Remember – cheap business insurance isn’t always value for money so it’s worth making sure you’re happy with all the terms, conditions, and exclusions before you agree to a contract.

Why compare business insurance quotes?

Comparing business insurance quotes is the best way to ensure you get what you need at the best possible price. Without seeing what’s on offer, you could end up with a policy that isn’t fit for purpose – leaving your business financially vulnerable.

The size of your business isn’t important so whether you’re looking for small business insurance, or cover for your corporation, it’s worth taking a few minutes to secure a solid deal – ensuring that whatever happens, it’ll be business as usual.

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